About Emily

I am a Marriage Celebrant from the Mid North Coast of NSW. This is a picture of me ghost writing at a Big 4 Park playground in Denham WA!

When I left to travel with my family in September 2021 I started writing for celebrants who were catching up after many postponements. Since then I’ve realised many celebrants still need my service as they are working 2 or 3 jobs (#feels). So I’m not going to stop writing just because I’m back to doing my own ceremonies.

I’ve worked really hard to nail the story telling part of my Marriage Ceremonies! It’s taken years, but I feel really confident with my skills and am willing to offer them up while we are travelling and afterwards!

Please note – My service is for the LOVE STORY ONLY. Taking your questionnaire answers, I will collate it all into a story rich, non fluff, ceremony love story!!

I know that when we meet couples some ceremony parts just write themselves, and other times they come a little less easy.


  • Your couples completed questionnaires
  • The deadline


  • A past story of yours that you have  loved to present – this can help me emulate your voice and how you layout your copy

A solid questionnaire is key to this process! If you don’t implement a questionnaire…. it’s time to start! I have some great examples of questions here that you can ask to help with the production of a great story.

$65.00 P/H

*A typical story writing session for me can take between 1.5 to 2.5 hours depending on the length needed and the answers from your questionnaires.

Love from Cele pals!

“I was so blown away with the last love story you wrote! Will send another today!” Abbey

“Yay!! I love it. Thank you so much xoxo, I’ll send some more to you over the weekend. You’re a life saver xx” Abbie


Thank you so much!  Once again, I love your writing and the story you have written. Jade


“Ohhhh Wow!! Emily, this is amazing! As I was reading it, I was imagining their faces reacting.  I really love it.  Thank you so much. I will definitely be in touch again soon.” Jacky


You are such a great life saver, I really appreciate the service you offer. Tracey



An Example of my Story Telling

WORD COUNT = 1035 


I guess the Optus shop wouldn’t necessarily have a well known reputation for being match-making heaven, or a place to meet your future husband or wife. But if something’s meant to be it will be, or it will be conjured up exactly as planned by bosses Emma & Mat and maybe even a push from the rest of the Optus staff. They remember the exact moment they met, Liz picked up on a little reservation from Beau – he was visibly shocked, and Liz wasn’t sure if it was shyness or if he perhaps wasn’t that keen on making new friends. In reality he was a little taken aback because it had been explained to him that Elizabeth was coming to work there. So in his head he had decided on what Elizabeth would look like. And to him – Elizabeth was not his age, Elizabeth, was a few decades older.


Their colleagues were constantly telling them to go out together – but they really didn’t need the encouragement, because they were already spending each night chatting on Facebook. Liz asking Beau questions she already knew the answers to – any excuse! As time passed they ended up working in separate stores but would meet at Maccas to exchange stock and share a hot choccie and a chat. Their first official date was to the movies to watch Hercules. But it didn’t transpire the way it was planned, for Beau was so nervous – when he bought the tickets he blurted out “2 tickets to Guardians of the Galaxy”. A confused Liz, thinking OK, he must have changed his mind. He admitted his nervousness was to blame and the date ended pretty well anyway as Liz planted a kiss in the back row.


They would often drive to Vincent’s lookout together, eat dinner, listen to music and talk for hours. They were learning about each other on a deep level and falling in love. It had only been a few months but Beau knew that Liz was the one for him. She was stunning, smart and outgoing, she would always selflessly make time for anyone no matter what was going on in her own life. Beau would talk about his family to Liz and she would admire his capability of deep love and admiration for those he loved, he wasn’t afraid to speak from the heart. So in turn his ability to then simply love her just as she was, without ridicule or judgement was what made her fall deeply in love with him.


It had only been 6 months but with Mikaela (bridesmaid) moving out there was an option presenting itself for Beau and Liz to live together. So they made the commitment  – the first of many leaps of faith they’ve made together. They feel as though the first few years of their relationship was probably the most normal their life has been. It was during this time they learned of each other’s kindness, and Liz learned that while Beau is just a tad nerdy, they are forever laughing – as he is the funniest person she knows. And Beau learned that whenever Liz is bored she will occupy her mind by rearranging the house. They had a little girl rabbit that turned out to be a boy, and a bird that always bit Liz. They worked like crazy and were soon packing their lives up to go on an adventure across the globe as the ‘Wolfpack’, with Luca and Katie.


Now Beau knew he wanted to propose to Liz at the holiday end of the trip they were doing. He had secured his Great Grandmother’s ring and it was in safe keeping with Luca and Katie. They worked long enough in Canada to afford themselves a holiday to Hawaii. It was here the long thought out plan to propose came to action and Beau asked Liz on the beach, no no that’s not right – he led her to the beach & as she bent down to take her heels off Beau got a little nervy about how many people on the beach would be watching and pulled her to a little more secluded area where he popped the question. They were feeling like they had on their first date all over again, nervous and giddy but full of love and excitement. But with the added extra of an audience of people overlooking from their balconies above – cheering and woohooing in excitement for the happy couple.


Every adventure has led to something bigger and better for Beau and Liz to move towards – they feel as though all the milestones they’ve met has forced them to level up – evolve, adapt and be better together. From moving back to Australia to settle down, to doing the exact opposite of settling and diving head first into a new business venture. To getting their dog Drake and planning a wedding, and then re-planning a wedding. They have been establishing what their relationship is now and will be forever. Sunday, typically their one day together – is started with a nice cafe brunch, playing around with Drake, enjoying the nice weather if it is the case, or simply snuggling on the lounge binge watching their favourite shows.


I’ve not officiated a wedding for two people before that have the most transparently kindred connection as Beau and Liz do. I don’t doubt their future together will be amazing and abundant because great things come to people, who chase them. It’s time, they have decided to pack up the suitcases, focus on each other and growing a family – something very important to them.


And now a final word from me before we get down the “marrying part”:

Liz, if Beau was to grant you one wish in life, it would be eternal happiness and love. The ability to be yourself and do everything you love – continuing to chase your dreams. 

Beau, if Liz was to grant you one wish in life it would be that you get everything you’ve ever dreamed of because she hasn’t met anyone who deserves it as much as you do. She wishes you the ability to feel balanced and at peace with yourself on the inside as the outside is simply – your beautiful life together.