Questionnaire Help

To get the most out of your couples and present the best story you can on their wedding day, celebrating them, their love story, their journey to marriage – you need a comprehensive questionnaire.

I send mine via my Studio Ninja portal but you could have yours within an email body, or attached on a document. No need to be tricky, but there is a need to get maximum information!

I have listed below the questions I use to build the ultimate ceremonies for my couples.. help yourself & take inspiration.. if you are using my ghost writing service, I want you to ask the best questions!

  • Where/when did you meet?
  • Give me a basic timeline of your relationship, first date, first kiss, pets, careers, holidays together etc..
  • What was your first impression of one another and how does it differ to how you feel now?
  • When did your realise it was love? Tell me about how your relationship began..
  • Tell me about your engagement..
  •  What’s a typical weekend look like for you both?
  • What are your biggest achievements or interesting things you’ve ticked off together?
  • What’s your favourite memory with your partner?
  • Give me two reasons you love your partner..
  • Give me two things that your partner does that annoys you..
  • What are you most look forward to on your wedding day?
  • If you could grant your partner one wish in life what would it be?
  • What does marriage mean to you?